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Software Asset Management

Why do you need software asset management?

Do you know how many vehicles (cars, vans, etc.) there are in your corporate fleet? Do you know who's driving them, where and when? Of course, you do. Or at least you know the person in your company whom you can ask, and they will provide you with the information quickly and precisely.

Now ask yourself:

Do we know how many software titles there are in our company? Do we know the costs of software and maintenance per year? Are we sure that we’re compliant with the terms of the software license agreements that we signed? Are we sure we are getting the best possible deals when purchasing or renewing software licensing agreements with vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec and others?

Most companies don’t.

Software is a valuable asset which is often neglected, despite the serious amounts of money invested. Not having enough licenses (under-licensing) is one problem. Over spending (over-licensing) is another one, and just as serious. Knowing what you have and where it is is a starting point to successful license management. Vendors are constantly changing and shifting metric and license policies, so being compliant in one moment doesn’t mean that you’ll still be compliant next week or next month. Properly managing these assets and making them strategic is the goal of the Software Asset Management (SAM) process. This is not just an “IT related issue”. It concerns finance and controlling as well. Being aware of the problem is the first step. The second is doing something about it - preferably, proactively.

You just need the right partner.

Software Asset Management

Who are we?

We are Perpetuum Mobile - a European digital consultancy. We have more than 30-years’ experience in software licensing and selling. After building a sizable business selling Microsoft software we decided to use our experience and knowledge to help our customers by providing Software Asset Management and related services.

We are independent consultants. Our company has been a longtime proud Provider member of the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM). Our consultants are Microsoft licensing specialists with 20+ years’ experience, IAITAM Certified Software Asset Managers and internationally renowned speakers and educators on licensing and software asset management related seminars and conferences. We are based in the EU, in Croatia, and offer our services globally.

Our services include optimizing software spend, avoiding or responding to Microsoft audits, selecting and implementing SAM toolkits and implementing SAM processes and procedures in clients’ organizations. Our reference clients include Raiffeisen bank Austria, Atlantic Group, INA, APIS IT, Croatian Post, Croatian Waters and several companies within the HEP group.

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So, don’t live in fear of vendor audits or spend too much money on software and services that are not really being
used / needed. Let’s work together to optimize your business spend on software while mitigating risks and
ensuring compliance.

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